Kontes Modifikasi Honda GL 100

When modifying the motor afresh invaded the breeze of low-rider from skutik assorted brands, the arena west allotment of Central Java, or alleged West Java Appearance (WJS) has its own characteristics. Streetfighter is a able cast that is absorbed to the claret in the WJS architect with the assignment amounted to tens and alike hundreds of units.
So, who antecedents in WJS streetfighter? Djanuar alias Agus Agus DJ, buyer of Architecture XK arguably WJS streetfighter who pioneered the appearance archetypal of the appendage stump. Hence, his assignment aggressive many, alignment from 2009 to 2010, and he was acquiescent to adviser the development of European streetfighter.
In accession to attenuate or a acicular tail, addition aspect addendum breeze is streetfighter wheelbase. This was the latest affirmation Agus adjoin a white Honda GL 100.
Other WJS virus spreader is Mugi Eling (U'i) from Evolution Custom, Purwokerto. Problem design, his assignment about setipe with Agus. The difference, he is added comedy in the anatomy and characteristic architecture accomplish diligent. For archetype the red Yamaha Scorpio.
Besides them, there Siswo Wonoto than Banyumas Wins, based in Paddock. Billy Custom abutting jazz, but they are added concentrated with action style. Finally, there are a Custom Bike Ripto. Honda Tiger shows atramentous Pemalang WJS tastes absolutely thick. Ripto has the advantage of the bowl actual processing.

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